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the southampton press 2/22/18

At its heart, the film is about main character Tom returning to where he grew up—Westhampton. The protagonist, a filmmaker, finds himself in the unenviable position of having to clean out memories from his childhood home after the house has been sold. But Tom, who left after a tragedy permanently altered his and his friends’ lives, hasn’t been back in a decade and finds that sometimes old wounds stay open and forgiveness can’t always be asked for.


NEWSDAY 2/20/18

Nilsson began writing the script after he had moved to Los Angeles and came back to Westhampton to visit. Though he’d spent nearly everyday wandering Main Street as a teenager, Nilsson said when he returned, the town suddenly felt unfamiliar.



"Now, Mr. Nilsson has no intentions of slowing down. He has recently written a new feature film called 'Westhampton,' and is hoping to shoot his movie on location in the next few months.

The movie, he said, looks into the life of a fictional filmmaker who returns home after making a tragic mistake in his youth that changed the lives of those around him."



Christian Nilsson receives a New York Emmy® Award for Best Historical/Cultural Segment for his short documentary "The Fight to be the Oldest Bar in NYC. "


MOËT & CHANDON 4/14/17

"The phrase 'New York values' has been thrown around like an insult for the last year. Yet anyone that has ever spent time in NYC knows the city embraces diversity and inclusion. I wanted to make a film that illustrates that 'New York values' are 'ideal values.'"


Adweek 3/24/17

"At press time, the original video, posted March 21, was past the 6.6 million Facebook Video views mark. A rep for Esquire tells Fishbowl that makes it the original Esquire video with the fastest audience ramp-up in less than 72 hours."


Entertainment weekly 3/21/17

"Marquand has topped himself in a video from Esquire, by seamlessly inserting his impersonations of famous actors into iconic movies they weren’t in."


New York Emmy® Awards 2/23/17

Christian Nilsson receives a New York Emmy® Award nomination for Best Historical/Cultural Segment for "Fight to be the Oldest Bar in NYC. "



"Huffington Post’s Christian Nilsson set out to find the answer and released a video this week in which he tries to track down the true oldest bar among the city’s 1,700. [...] The video is well worth watching just to see how hotly contested the issue is among bar owners and how far back Nilsson dives into the city’s historical records to look for the answer. "